Sightseeing Charters



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2 Hour Sightseeing Charter Prices  

26' One Love - $300 (Up to 6 guests)

31' Good Vibes - $400 (Up to 6 guests)

Book Both Boats - $700 (Up to 12 guests)

 To reserve both boats - Please call for booking.  


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     Our Sightseeing Charter is a wonderful 2 Hour excursion throughout our areas stunning Intracoastal Waterways.  Cruise in First Class comfort, relax and enjoy the breathtaking views.  Hop off land, get away from the crowds and experience our waters wildlife like Dolphins, Manatees and many local Birds.  Watch a slow changing landscape and see phenomenal Architecture from a Nautical Perspective.  Listen to music on our state of the art stereo and let us take you boating through paradise.  We will take it slow to show you the sights, but will also pick up the speed so you can feel the rush of going fast on a powerboat! 

     The boats have built in coolers, bottled & sparkling water, regular & diet sodas, Gatorade, light bagged snacks and ice for anything you would like to keep cold (alcohol ok).  We have morning and afternoon times to choose from that fits everyone's schedule (click on the "Book this Charter" Button to see scheduled times). So, come out for private, comfortable boat tour with Kokomo Charters - we look forward to meeting you and showing you all the amazing things on the water!



View some pictures from our Sightseeing Charters

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