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We are currently updating our fall / winter calendar for online booking.  If you would like to book any

boat charters after Nov. 3rd, please call #941-266-3776 and we can help you over the phone. Thanks!


Now that you've chosen your boat, it's time to choose your cruise! 

Sightseeing Cruises | Dolphin Cruises | Adventure Cruises | Full Experience Cruises | Sunset Cruises

We offer many cruise options, but if there is something more specific that you are looking for, contact us and we will plan your special charter and make it a one of a kind experience. 


 Pickup Locations:


Siesta Key  -  South end of Siesta Key at:

Turtle Beach Boat Ramp

8000 Blind Pass Road

Siesta Key, FL  34292

This location is perfect for anyone staying on Siesta Key.


Osprey - By the bridge onto Casey Key at:

Blackburn Point Park

421 Blackburn Point Road

Osprey, FL  34229

This location is perfect for anyone staying in Sarasota or Venice, FL.


** Please arrive for your cruise 10 minutes before departure time, so we can load everyone & everything on the boat and leave on time.      

** In busy, high-peek times (weekends, holidays, spring and summer), please allow enough time for possible traffic and to find parking.



Refund Policy:


  -  If you book a charter and we must cancel due to inclement weather, we will try to reschedule your charter to another timeslot. If we are not able to reschedule, then a full refund will be issued.

  -  If you need to cancel your boat charter due to any reason, we need a 48 hour notice to receive a full refund. If the notice is less than 48 hours, a gift certificate will be issued for the dollar amount spent towards another boat charter (gift certificate will never expire and can be used by another party).



We Keep it Clean:


  -  We take pride in our boats and choose to keep them in tip top shape by hiring professionals to maintain and detail them.  It will feel like a brand new boat when you step aboard.  To upkeep this, we have a few rules and restrictions we kindly ask you understand and abide by.  Thanks for your cooperation!


 Please do NOT bring any of this:

  • Glass Beer Bottles - Please bring Beer Cans (a bottle of white wine or champagne is fine).
  • Red Wine, Sangria, Bloody Mary's or any heavily dyed liquids that could stain the interior.
  • Spray Sunscreen or Tanning Sunscreen - These two types of sunscreen do a lot of damage to the seats.


**If you bring food, please be wise in choosing what to bring.  Do not bring anything that is going to make a mess, or stain.  Please understand there are things like wind, wakes and waves - so we designate eating times to when the boat is going slow or anchored at a sand bar.

For example, these foods don't work well on our boats:

    • Dyed Chips (orange cheetos or doritos) - they stain the seats.
    • Chocolate or Hard Candies (skittles, m&m's, suckers) - it can melt and is sticky.
    • Thin Potato Chips and Popcorn - the wind take thems away, it gets messy, and clogs the bilge pump.


  • These foods are perfect for our boats:

    • Sandwiches, Grinders, get the idea.
    • Fresh Fruit & Veggies (dips are ok - if the boat is anchored or moving slow).
    • Cheese & Crackers, Nuts and Fruit Snacks.
    • Pretzels, Pita Chips, Veggie Sticks (Basically a harder type of chip). 


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