Frequently Asked Questions: 


What is a private boat charter?

  • This means that any boat charter you book will be for your party only.  We will never place strangers together on our boats.  We pride ourselves on being a private charter company and providing the ultimate boating experience for only you and your party!


How far ahead of time should I book my boat charter?

  • During peak months (March, April, June & July) and holidays (Christmas, Thanksgiving and all holiday weekends), we advise to book as early as possible.  We recommend that you book your boat charter in the beginning of your vacation because if weather is going to be an issue, we have other dates to reschedule your charter.


What is the refund policy for bad weather?

  • Safety is our primary concern and sometimes we have to cancel boat charters due to rain, high winds, or extreme cold.  We will try to reschedule the boat charter to another day or time, or if a rescheduled charter is not possible, we offer a full refund.


What is the refund policy if I need to cancel my boat charter?

  • If you need to cancel your boat charter due to any reason, we need a 48 hour notice to receive a full refund.  If the notice is less than 48 hours, a gift certificate will be given for the dollar amount spent towards another boat charter (gift certificate will never expire and can be used by another party).


Do you offer fishing on any of your boat charters?

  • We are considered a pleasure cruise and never offer fishing on our boats.  We are happy to make a recommendation of a fishing charter available in the area.


Can I rent your boats without a captain?

  • No, each boat comes with a USCG Licensed Captain that provides local knowledge and expertise to make sure that everyone has a safe & fun trip.


Can I have more than 6 people on my boat charter?

  • No, it is a USCG Regulation that you can not have more than 6 people on a boat charter.  We recommend anyone with 7 to 12 guests, to charter both of our boats to accompany larger groups.  The boats stay close together the whole trip and we can have double the fun!


Is there a bathroom on the boat?

  • Yes, both boats have bathrooms on board available for your use.


Will I see dolphins on my boat charter?

  • We see the Bottlenose Dolphins 9 out of 10 boat charters.  Though we cannot always predict where the dolphins will be (you must remember they are wild animals), there are over 150 bottlenose dolphins in the Sarasota area, so we will see them if they are out!


 Will I see manatees on my boat charter?

  • Manatees, otherwise known as Sea Cows, make the Sarasota waters their home in the summer months.  A lot of times we will see manatees on our boat charters from May until October.


Can we snorkel from the boat?

  • There are no reefs located in Sarasota and it is mostly a sandy bottom underneath the water.  This does not mean that you cannot snorkel though.  We do provide snorkel masks on the boats and you can expect to find shells, fish, stingrays, sand dollars and sometimes even starfish.


Do you offer water sports on your boat charters?

  • We offer watertubing on the One Love Boat, and paddleboarding on the Good Vibes Boat.  These activities cannot be switched between the two boats, as each boat is customized to only provide that activity.  These water sports are available on our Adventure Charters and Full Experience Charters only.


Is there a possibility I will get sea sick?

  • We do most of our boating in the intracoastal waterways and only go out in the Gulf of Mexico in safe conditions and if the charter guests feel comfortable.  The intracoastal is generally pretty calm with minimal choppy waters, but sometimes this is not always the case.  If you tend to get a little woozy on a boat, we recommend taking an over the counter medication before your boat charter.  We do not provide any of this on the boats.


Can I smoke on the boat?

  • No, we do not allow cigar, pipe or cigarette smoking on the boats.


Will I be required to wear a life jacket on the boat?

  • Life jackets are required to be on the boat, but only our guests under 6 years old are required to wear them – that’s the law.  If you are more comfortable with a life jacket, then one will be available for your use.


 Do you offer discounts on any of your boat charters?

  • Unfortunately we do not offer discounts on our boat charters.  We provide the same excellent service “in season” as we do in “off season.”  We have two Sea Ray boats available that offer two different price points, but the same quality of service.


 Why is the Good Vibes Boat more expensive than the One Love Boat?

  • When you book the One Love Boat, it’s like booking a really nice hotel room. When you book the Good Vibes Boat, it’s like booking the hotel suite.  Chartering Good Vibes is a bigger, more spacious, more luxurious ride to spread out.  It also comes with extra perks like a First Mate, complimentary photography, drone footage, beach towels for your use and tableware is provided for food and drink brought aboard the boat.


Where do the boats leave from?

  • We offer two different pickup locations at public boat docks.  Turtle Beach Boat Ramp is on the south end of Siesta Key and is perfect for our guests staying on the island.  Blackburn Point Boat Ramp in the Osprey/Casey Key area and is perfect for our guests staying in Sarasota or Venice.


What time should I plan on arriving for my boat charter?

  • Plan on arriving 10 minutes before departure time to meet your captain.  This will allow enough time to load everyone & everything on the boat and leave the dock on time.  During peak times (weekends, holidays, spring and summer time), make sure to allow enough time for possible traffic and to find parking.


What if I am running late for my boat charter?

  • Please contact the captain (you will be given their phone number in a boating confirmation email) to let them know that you will not arrive on time. We will try to make up the time difference on the back end of the charter, but it is not a guarantee.


Can I bring drinks?

  • We provide complimentary water, sparkling water, a selection of regular & diet sodas, and Gatorade. You are welcome to bring other drinks on the boat, and alcohol is OK.

 When selecting your drinks, please follow these guidelines:

  • No Red Wine or other heavily dyed liquids – it will stain the seats.
  • Liquor is fine if you’re mixing it. Please no shots - it’s just too dangerous.
  • No glass beer bottles- beer cans only. Bottles of white wine or champagne is fine.


Can I bring food?

  • Yes, but keep in mind this is a boat with occasional wind, wakes and waves.  We pride ourselves on a neat and clean boat and ask that you avoid bringing food that will make a mess or stain the interior.  For example, Doritos and Cheetos will stain the seats, thin potato chips and popcorn will make a mess when the bag is spilled and fly around. Cookies crumble, chocolate melts and bubble gum is permanent. 

Foods that can work on the boats:

  • Sandwiches
  • Fresh Fruit & Veggies (dips are ok - if the boat is anchored or moving slow).
  • Cheese & Crackers, nuts and fruit snacks.
  • Preztles, Pita Chips, Veggie Sticks (Basically a harder type of chip - that is not dyed).  

If we see food that does not work on the boat, we will ask you to please refain from eating it - we appreciate it.


Should I bring a cooler?

  • No, we have coolers on the boats filled with ice to keep anything cold that you bring.  An additional cooler takes up your floor space.


What type of sunscreen should I bring? 

  • The sun is strong in Florida and we recommend an SPF 15 or higher to protect your skin.  When choosing your sunscreen, do not bring spray sunscreen or sunscreen with tanning or bronzing agents.  This will stain our boats and the Captain will ask you not to use it.


Should I bring rafts for swimming and beach toys for my children?

  • We provide rafts, beach toys and even some beach games on the boats.  Remember, the more stuff you bring, the less room there is on the boat to relax and move around.  If you’d like to bring something special along, please ask us first to make sure there will be room.


What else should I need to bring for my boat charter?

  • Hat, sunglasses, hoodies (if you think you’ll get chilly) and a change of clothes (especially if you plan on stopping to eat at a waterside restaurant).


What if it starts raining during my boat charter?

  • Rain can happen during your boat charter, especially in the summer months (our rainy season).  Our summer rains tend to build up in the afternoons, are generally small rain cells and do not to last long. Sometimes we will even wait it out at a waterside tiki bar. If we do have to end the boat charter, due to persistant rain or unsafe conditions, we will pro-rate you charter and offer a partial refund.


What is a customary tip?

  • If you believe your captain and crew did an amazing job, a gratuity is a wonderful compliment and much appreciated!  Customary tips are usually   10% to 20%.